Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The JS Draws the Line on the Green Team

In case you're wondering where the line was drawn, it's on page 2 of the Metro section, eight paragraphs down.

Read carefully, otherwise you might miss it.

As Xoff pointed out the other day, Congressman Green's latest campaign ad says the following: "The Journal Sentinel reports Doyle rigged the State Elections Board vote to try and steal the election."

Here's what the JS had to say about that this morning:


The Journal Sentinel article Green's ad cites as evidence that Doyle "rigged" an Elections Board vote was an editorial, not a news story, and it never made that accusation. The editorial faulted the Elections Board, Doyle's campaign and the Legislature for contacts a Doyle campaign lawyer made with Democratic appointees on the Elections Board.


By the end of the article the JS was back to form, though, citing two UWM professors, one who liked Green's ad and another who didn't like a part of an anti-Green ad produced by the Greater Wisconsin Committee.

I'm sure displaying a dash of integrity in its gubernatorial election coverage was fun while it lasted for the JS news staff.

UPDATE: The JS editorial board takes issue with Green's ad today: "Green Ad Steps Over the Line."


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