Monday, September 25, 2006

Green Ditches WI League of Conservation Voters

It's probably no surprise that Governor Doyle won the endorsement of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters (WLCV) today.

The mission of the WLCV is "electing conservation leaders to the state legislature and encouraging lawmakers to champion conservation policies that effectively protect Wisconsin's public health and natural resources."

Concern for the environment isn't exactly the GOP's forte, particularly since Bush took office.

But how Green treated the WLCV during its endorsement process is notable.

In order to decide who to endorse, the WLCV sends questionnaires to candidates, asks that they participate in an interview, and also undertakes an examination of their past voting record.

Mark Green promised to return the questionnaire and participate in an interview, but rather than living up to his word, he never followed through on that promise.

According to the WLCV, "Despite several promises, Congressman Mark Green never returned the questionnaire or agreed to a time for the candidate interview."

Similarly, over the summer, Green never bothered to return an ethics questionnaire from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Common Cause, and the League of Women Voters.


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