Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do You Want a Healthy Economy or a Healthy Environment?

Because in the world of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) -- the biggest lobby group in the state -- you just can't have both.

WMC released a statement this afternoon decrying Kathleen Falk for caring about global warming and actually wanting to challenge the current White House's rollback of EPA standards -- the same rollbacks that caused Bush's hand-picked EPA secretary to resign in frustration two years into taking the job.

Shame on Falk for thinking we can have a healthy economy and a healthy environment in Wisconsin.

And not only do you need to choose between the economy and the environment, WMC also tells us in its release that you need to choose between the environment and public safety. Apparently those two are opposing forces in WMC's world, as well.

According to the group's release, Falk will do the same thing with the AG's office that Lautenschlager did, which is let "rapists and murders to stay on the streets to commit more crimes as the testing of damning evidence takes a back seat to frivolous global warming and nuisance litigation against law abiding Wisconsin businesses."

Putting aside the ridiculous notion that Falk should need to answer for Lautenschlager's record, that's one scare-you-into-submission world the WMC inhabits.

This "with us or against us" talk from the state's corporate lobby just provides more proof that the group is out for its executive interests and not what's best for Wisconsin as a whole.

And all this makes me wonder: Where exactly does J.B. Van Hollen stand on global warming and the Wisconsin environment? Is he with WMC, or is he against it?


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