Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wisconsin Right to Flip-Flop?

Here's Wisconsin Right to Life yesterday on stem cell research that doesn't destroy embryos:


Amazingly, some researchers are claiming in the wake of this untruthful revelation that if we could just use tax dollars for this unethical research – well, problem solved. How about just discontinuing the unethical research and using adult stem cells which are daily providing real treatments for real people?


This statement came before Mark Green, who the group endorses for governor, made an annoucement that he plans to use $25 million in tax dollars to support this type of research.

Here's the statement from Wisconsin Right to Life after hearing of Green's announcement: "We share a goal of wanting ethical, successful research. It sounds like (Green) would like to take the research community in a new, more ethical direction."

Talk about turn-around time.

And I'm sure scientists in the state are happy to hear that Mark Green is going to be determining the direction of their research if elected governor.


Blogger krshorewood said...

Funny that the Catholic Church came out against this method.

Something is very fishy here, which runs along the lines of is in fact Green even going to this thing that he promises if elected?

September 06, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

It does make you wonder what's up. I can't believe Wisconsin Right to Life would make that kind of flip so quickly unless it engaged in some collusion with the Green Team first.

And it's not like WRL and the Catholic Church haven't disagreed with Green on other issues. The Catholic Church, for instance, opposes IVF, whereas Green has stated his support for it while on the campaign trail.

It's pretty clear Green is getting his butt kicked on stem cell research and his campaign desperately needs all the support it can get on it. Which brings you back to the question, what did it give up in return?

September 06, 2006  

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