Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mark Green Tries to Stop the Bleeding

Mark Green got the stem cell headline he was looking for this morning. And the Journal-Sentinel even made sure the downsides of the pledge came after the break from the front-page (more on this from the Brawler).

Good for Green.

But even better for Doyle since this move helps to keep the governor's signature issue on the front burner of the gubernatorial race.

There's no question Green's move yesterday was defensive. And defense is not a game a challenger wants to be playing 60 days from election day.

To be sure, it's unlikely Green's pledge yesterday is going to attract any stem cell proponents his way. Those who care about furthering embryonic stem cell research still know that Doyle is by far their best chance.

The most Green can hope for is that his pledge will start to convince some indies that he's not as extreme as they thought on stem cell research.

When it's all said and done, though, this incident demonstrates once again Green's inability as a challenger to unite and excite the GOP base on any issue of importance.

Thus far Green has fumbled his plans for the state budget and hardly discussed issues like TABOR and concealed carry. And since September 1, he's been on the defensive with the state Elections Board decision and now stem cell research.

Unfortunately for Green, this is not the year a Republican congressman can afford to stumble through an election bid.

UPDATE: Pundit Nation has a great rundown of the Green Team's unwillingless to provide details for its proposals and, subsequently, its inability to capture hearts and minds with any issue in this campaign.


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