Monday, September 18, 2006

Where's the Outrage?

If the headline was "Wisconsin Taxes Rise Faster than National Pace" the story would be front page news and the outrage from the right would be deafening.

As it turns out, the headline reads "Wisconsin Health Premiums Rise Faster than National Pace." And not only did it miss the front page, it doesn't even appear in any of the major newspapers in the state; instead, the Business Journal of Milwaukee is left to cover the story alone.

If conservative activists in the state put just 1/2 of the energy into meaningful health care reform that they do initiatives such as TABOR, Wisconsin would be leading the health care charge in the country rather than falling deeper and deeper into the crisis.

And, if done right, health care reform could have the added effect of drastically reducing taxes in the state.

Conversely, if nothing is done, the current health care system in the state will continue to drive up taxes through skyrocketing premiums and administrative costs that put enormous pressure on the finances of our governmental units.

In this sense, the headline "Wisconsin Health Premiums Rise Faster than National Pace" might as well read "Wisconsin Taxes Rise Faster than National Pace."


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