Monday, September 25, 2006

Big Decision Today, Even Bigger Reactions - UPDATE

UPDATE: Judge Niess upheld the Elections Board decision against Green. Expect the reaction discussed below to start within the hour.

UPDATED UPDATE: Green Team responds that they will set aside the $467,844 in illegal PAC money for now, blames decision on "inaccurate information" and, predictably, an orchestrated "attack" by Governor Doyle.

UPDATED UPDATED UPDATE: After skimming the ruling by Niess, it seems he not only agrees that the EB decision on illegal PAC money was correct, he also agrees with the DOJ that all $1.3 million converted from Green's federal account to his state account is a "contribution," and thereby limited by state campaign finance laws that restrict such contributions to no more than $43,128.

In other words, Green really should be giving up much more than $460K.


(Originally posted at 7:55am.)

Most politicos are surely awaiting the decision that's expected today from Judge Richard Niess on the issue of Mark Green's illegal PAC money.

But even more interesting than the decision will be the reaction to it.

I'm sure the GOP has pre-printed press releases ready to run should the decision go against Green, brimming over the top with talk about "Democrat judges" in "liberal Dane County" and the inherent bias of the Doyle-appointed Judge Niess.

I'm also giving 5 to 1 odds that tomorrow's Journal Sentinel article on the decision will focus on the subsequent appeal should the ruling go against Green -- and I wouldn't even put it past the news editors to run the story in the Metro section.

But if the ruling goes in Green's favor, there won't even be enough room for another article above the fold on the Main section.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep - that crazy media. Is that the same unbiased group that puts a page 1 headline in the SJ on stem cell research and how it "might" be influenced by the guv's election. Not "will" be affected - but "might."



September 25, 2006  

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