Monday, April 03, 2006

Brewers Today, Elections Tomorrow

I probably won’t be posting anything else today since I’ll be busy watching the Brewers net their first victory of the year.

While last year the goal was mediocrity, this year the expectations are a bit higher. Some are saying playoffs, but I’m just hoping they're still in legitimate playoff contention in August and September. I say 85-90 victories for the year sounds about right.

Before I head out to the game, I wanted to note quickly the importance of a couple elections taking place tomorrow. While every election is important, there are 32 that stand out for me.

One is the race for Waukesha mayor between Larry Nelson and Amy Nitschke.

A big point of difference between the two has become the revenue amendment, which Nelson opposes and Nitschke supports. If Nelson is even able to make a strong showing, it could tell a lot about support for the amendment in the heart of conservative Waukesha County.

But even with a Nitschke victory, it will be interesting to see if her tune changes on the amendment once elected office. The outgoing mayor in Waukesha, Carol Lombardi, is an outspoken opponent of the amendment, as are both mayoral candidates in Brookfield (including the incumbent).

So Waukesha County certainly has local opposition to the amendment regardless of the Nelson-Nitschke race outcome, but it will be an interesting race to watch regardless.

The other thirty-one elections are the referendums regarding the American troops currently serving in Iraq. While none of these referendums are in the least binding, they do carry symbolic significance.

A couple weeks back I put up a map outlining the locations of the various referendum votes tomorrow on the Iraq issue. I’ll repost the map showing which ones triumphed and which ones failed on Wednesday or Thursday.

That’s it for today. Go Brewers!


Blogger Dean said...

We may disagree on all that political stuff, but at least we agree on the important things. Go Brewers :)

April 06, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

You've got that right. 3-0 to start, and only more good times to come.

April 06, 2006  

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