Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hearings on Revenue Amendment Now Sercretive, Too

Apparently it wasn't good enough to just hold invitation-only public hearings on the proposed amendment to restrict public revenue in Wisconsin.

Now the authors of the amendment are moving toward invitation-only hearings without the pesky word "public" in them.

According to the invitation sent out by Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman, there was no intention of informing the news media or the public about the existence of a hearing on the revenue amendment held yesterday in Germantown.

Grothman explained: "To be honest, we learned a lot more from the invitation-only meeting."

Since the only true public hearing on the amendment had opponents outnumbering supporters nearly 8 to 1, perhaps what Grothman meant is that he hears a lot more of what he likes at hearings where he gets to invite the speakers.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has the full story here.

There are a few more interesting tidbits in the story, but I have an all-day meeting to attend for work. I'll comment more during the lunch break.


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