Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Map of Iraq War Referendums in Wisconsin

Below is a map pinpointing the 31 different communities around Wisconsin that plan to hold a referendum on the Iraq War next month.

What's really interesting to me is the mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas of the state that are holding referendums. This was also pointed out in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article on the referendums in this morning's paper.

I was particularly surprised to see all of the referendums taking place in the northwest part of the state--which is predominantly rural and, I would think, relatively conservative, especially on war issues. It'll be interesting to see the results of the referendums in terms of their geographic location. I'll re-post this map on April 5 after the referendums take place to show that.

I should note that I use the term "pinpoint" loosely. I put this map together late last night after not finding something like it already on the web. I have no doubt I'm off a bit on the exact location of some communities, but the map nevertheless demonstrates the overall geographic disbursement of the referendums.


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