Monday, March 20, 2006

Daily Howler on Milwaukee School Voucher Program

Starting tomorrow, the liberal blog "The Daily Howler" will be covering the Milwaukee school voucher program, specifically in response to John Tierney's op-eds in the NY Times supporting the program.

Bob Somerby, the editor of The Daily Howler, is a former school teacher turned journalist turned topical comic. He's been focusing his blog coverage lately on low income education, which is the context in which he turns his attention toward the Milwaukee school voucher program.

The Daily Howler coverage on the program, which will run two full weeks, should be well worth the read. I'll comment on what I think is the best of the coverage here.


Blogger Robola said...

I used to read a lot more of the howler, but it's kind of slipped my mind lately. Thanks for reminding me of his quality coverage!

March 20, 2006  

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