Tuesday, January 17, 2006

And the Spin Is On

Hastert: "Well, you know, a year ago most people around Congress couldn't tell you who Jack Abramoff was and didn't know who his associates were or what connections there are."

Santorum: "Well, I don't know what you mean by Senate liaison to the, quote, 'K Street Project.' I'm not aware of any Senate liaison job that I do for the K Street Project. What I've done is I do host meetings, you know, once or twice a month with members who represent a variety of different groups in Washington, D.C."

Sensenbrenner: "It's important to have information publicly disclosed that would spot potential crimes earlier, but a crook is still a crook, and no matter how tight (the law) is drafted, it will not be able to stop a corrupt lobbyist from committing crimes."

To sum up the talking points:

  1. Jack who?
  2. You say K Street Project, I say friendly meetings with just an innocuous group of different people who happen to be from the DC area.
  3. It's the lobbyist's fault. They totally made us do it. They're very persistent.


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