Monday, April 17, 2006

Mark Green's Tightrope Walk Begins

A report in the Cap Times today claims that Mark Green didn't actually back the revenue amendment at the rally in South Milwaukee today.

According to the report: "While Green announced his support for a constitutional limit on taxes and spending, he stopped short of endorsing a controversial proposal now before the Legislature."


On February 15, less than one week after the amendment was announced, Green released this statement:


In a letter to State Senator Glenn Grothman and State Representative Jeff Wood, gubernatorial candidate and U.S. Congressman Mark Green relayed his support for the Wisconsin Taxpayer Protection Amendment (WTPA) and offered two suggestions to the legislators to “strengthen our shared goal of protecting Wisconsin’s taxpayers.”

“Our tax burden is blocking economic development and pushing our citizens to move elsewhere -- especially our seniors and college-educated young people,” Green wrote. “The passage of WTPA will put us on a path to finally remove the “tax-hell” moniker that has inhibited our state for far too long.”


So now Green supports a constitutional limit on spending and taxes in Wisconsin, but just just not the current amendment he released a statement supporting two months ago. Follow that?

And the tightrope walk begins...

UPDATE: Paul Soglin has a good analysis of Green's full speech from today.


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