Monday, April 17, 2006

Let the Apologies Begin

I'm glad Casper over at "Ask Me Later" said it.

In relation to the discovery of the two missing boys at the McGovern Park lagoon in Milwaukee, Casper wrote on Saturday: "Autopsies may reveal more information, including some level of foul play. But if it does come out that the bodies have been in the water since the day they disappeared and no other signs of trauma are present, a resounding chorus of apologies to the black community for accusations of possibly withholding information that could lead to finding the boys is in order."

Autopsies have now come out stating that there was, in fact, no foul play. It was a tragic accident without any sort of community cover-up.

Let the apologies begin.

While people are at it, some also need to apologize for insinuating that witnesses being afraid to talk helped lead to the beating death of another Milwaukee boy last month.

And apologizing is not enough. There also needs to be some self-examination on the part of these people to try to figure out why they were so quick to assume and believe there was a cover-up of either of these incidents in the black community.

This inner-city "Stop Snitching" campaign is turning out to be nothing more than a bunch of hype. What's sadly ironic is that those who most adamantly lashed out against it are the ones who have hyped it the most.


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