Monday, April 17, 2006

The Big Rally on the Far Right

The right side of the blogosphere is getting all giddy about Mark Green announcing a fiscal plan this morning in Milwaukee. Charlie Sykes even seems to think it'll turn around the fortunes of the proposed amendment to restrict public revenue in Wisconsin.

Not a chance.

The amendment is dead in the water. And holding a rally in Milwaukee (or Green Bay, which is planned for later in the day) isn't going to change that.

To be sure, the main Republican legislative opposition to the amendment comes from out-state. Convincing the Republican legislators in southeastern Wisconsin is the last thing that is needed. Groups like CRG and AM radio talkers like Sykes already have them so scared of appearing anything but anti-government that they'll fall right into line come vote time. It's either that or go the way of Mary Panzer.

But the majority of moderate Republicans in the state aren't buying the line, which is precisely why out-state GOP legislators don't fear in the least voting against the amendment. And that's why they won't bat an eye at this rally.

As for Mark Green, this is clearly an attempt to shore up some solid support in southeastern Wisconsin by jumping into bed with the far fiscal right.

I wonder if by doing so, however, he'll jeopardize some of his moderate Republican support in other parts of the state. He may be putting himself on the very tightrope between the moderate and extreme factions of the GOP that sunk TABOR and is in the process of tanking the revenue amendment.

Not to mention setting himself against the wide host of groups opposing the amendment that range from local government to the health care industry to religious groups.


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