Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Medical Malpractice Bill Moves on to Doyle's Desk

The state Senate passed the bill that would limit "pain and suffering" awards in medical malpractice cases in Wisconsin. The bill now moves on to Governor Doyle's desk.

As I've mentioned before, although I think it's a bad bill, I think it's in Doyle's best interest politically to sign it. Besides, it has passed by veto-proof margins in both the Assembly (74-22) and the Senate (25-8).

I just don't think this bill meets the expectations established by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in its decision last summer that an awards cap must not be arbitrary. So it will probably be deemed unconstitutional once it becomes law, anyway.

I suppose Republicans could always try to amend the state constitution. It seems to be the answer for everything these days.

Let the people decide...just not the people on the juries!


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