Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blog Slowdown

Just wanted to toss up a quick note about my recent few-and-far-between postings.

While they're mostly driven by the fact that I've struggled lately to find something poignant enough to write about, for those of you who've ever ventured over to the "View My Profile" section, you've probably seen that one of my interests is fantasy football.

So, now that the season is officially underway, much of my free-time reading is being directed toward the (often bad) advice of the "fantasy experts" at Yahoo, CBS Sportsline, and any other viewpoints I can get my hands on.

At any rate, I apologize for the sporadic blogging, but, as I've noted before, I'd rather keep my virtual mouth shut if I don't have anything interesting and at least fairly original to say (today would be one of those days).

Pretty soon I'll just end the charade and make this blog a weekly, similar to Murphy's Law, which is something I've been considering for awhile.

But, in the meantime, thanks to the handful of folks who continue to stop by on a regular basis. I'll continue to get something out there as much as I think it's worth your time.



Anonymous M.Z. Forrest said...

If you move to move below about twice a week posting, you are really dependent on link backs to get your material read. If I was passionate about blogging, I would probably be in the 1000+ daily hits. Since cutting drastically back, I get about 10 hits a day and 50-70 when I post something due to feed aggregators and the sort. If I get linked, I get triple to five times the traffic. It's all about what you want. I have no interest in celebrity and am a little turned off by it, so I take time off. You have to answer the question about why you blog, and then you'll know what to do.

September 13, 2007  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

I wouldn't say I'm interested in celebrity; but I am interested in being heard.

I'm pretty sure I will go to the weekly postings, at some point. You're right about getting links, and that's really the great thing about having WisOpinion in the Cheddarsphere. I could go a week or more without posting, but if I get a link up on WisOpinion, my next post will get read by virutally the same number as it would've if I was posting consistently. If it wasn't for WisOpinion, then I think I would, as you say, need to seriously consider what dropping under two or three posts a week would do to my readership. Blog readers also help.

September 13, 2007  

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