Friday, October 20, 2006

Money, Money, Money

A post at the Daily Kos yesterday noted that the DCCC just dropped $12 million this week on 32 congressional races around the country (including the 8th CD in Wisconsin).

But to bring that into perspective, Greg Sargent at TPM Cafe notes that, according to a new analysis by the Congressional Quarterly, the NRCC has been spending an average of $5 million per week for the last month and a half, which brings group's the grand total to nearly $40 million in 7 weeks.

The telling difference in all that? Only four of the races the DCCC just put money into are defensive ones for Dems, while 90 percent of the $40 million spent by the NRCC recently has gone toward 47 districts where GOPers are on defense.

It's looking like it could be a rough November 8 for the GOP.


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