Thursday, October 12, 2006

I’m Going to Make It Big in Wyoming

The doom and gloom tour, also known as the corporate lobby, is out with its “taxes in a vacuum” analysis to tell you how bad your state sucks when it comes to corporate climate.

So if you live in New York City, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, listen up. While you may have thought your areas were doing pretty well in the business world by housing the corporate centers for hundreds of multi-national corporations and attracting thousands of wide-eyed MBAs each year, think again.

The Tax Foundation wants you to know that Wyoming, South Dakota, and Alaska are really where it’s at.

And while Wisconsin is ranked the “12th worst” for corporate tax climate, at least we can take comfort knowing that when it comes to business, at least we’re not New York (4th worst) or California (6th worst).

And I just want to add that I’m quite impressed by the willingness of the Journal Sentinel to get a wide variety of perspectives for its story on the Tax Foundation rankings this morning. The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, and the Tax Foundation itself were all represented in the article. Kudos all around.

Nothing like taxes in a vacuum.

Side-Note: Paul Soglin performed a public service in June by analyzing seven of these corporate tax rankings that are released every year. What he found was that 78 percent of the states are ranked in the bottom quarter of at least one study.


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