Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blog Debate Over Marriage Ban Kicks Off

Ingrid has posted her response to the first question in the blog debate she's having with Owen over the proposed marriage and civil unions ban.

The opening question is a big one: "The debate and conflict over the gay marriage amendment is based on the effect it will have on Wisconsin. Describe what this effect will be, in your opinion, including relevant societal, legal, and moral factors. Make sure to include your analysis of the effect of the infamous 'second sentence.' "

Ingrid's response is strong. She kept it broad, as the question requires with a 750 word response limit.

Three big themes emerge in her answer:
  1. Strong Families: The social fabric of Wisconsin society would be damaged by the amendment because it puts very real restrictions on non-married families when, in fact, we should be working to strengthen all families in the state.
  2. Maintaining Basic Rights: The amendment -- particularly the second sentence -- would jeopordize the scant legal protections currently afforded to non-married couples in Wisconsin, which, in turn, would lead to costly (for the public) court battles as non-married families scramble to maintain their rights in the wake of the amendment.
  3. Morality: There are a number of religious groups that oppose the amendment, not because they necessarily back gay marriage, but due to their belief in a morality that demands all people are treated with respect, compassion, and dignity -- all things threatened by this amendment -- regardless of their sexual orientation.
Owen should have his response to the question up at Boots and Sabers by the end of the day.


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