Wednesday, July 12, 2006

For the Record: Doyle and Green on Health Care Reform

Amid allegations by Mark Green in a recent press statement and an even more recent "Green Sheet" that Governor Doyle has "no plan" for health care reform, I want to point out where each candidate currently stands on the issue.

Here are what Governor Doyle and Mark Green have publicly proposed for health care reform to date:

Governor Doyle

  • Implement BadgerCare Plus, which will merge state health programs under one umbrella in order to expand coverage to uninsured families across the state and reduce administrative costs
  • Allow every resident in Wisconsin (including businesses) to buy into a single catastrophic health insurance pool to expand coverage for expensive procedures and reduce costs by increasing purchasing power and eliminating administrative overhead
  • Eliminate waiting lists for community-based care for seniors
  • Initiate a Healthy Wisconsin Council to study ways to implement broader health care reform and cut the number of uninsured in the state in half by 2010
  • Enact legislation to prevent companies from dumping workers and their dependants into state health care programs

Mark Green*

  • Allow funds from Health Savings Accounts to be deducted on state income taxes
*Green has also discussed medical malpractice caps, price transparency, and a co-op care program, but all of these measures were already signed into law by Governor Doyle this past legislative session.


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