Friday, July 07, 2006


The CBS affiliate in Milwaukee just pulled the CFAF smear ad against Governor Doyle.

Let's hope the other three affiliates in Milwaukee follow suit.

UPDATE: CBS 58 has decided to air the CFAF ad. The mix-up came over a station staffer who told Doyle's campaign lawyers the ad wasn't scheduled to run on Friday -- that was interpreted to mean it wouldn't be scheduled at all.

The Spice Boys have more.

LATE UPDATE: In a "Reality Check" review, WISC-TV in Madison found the CFAF ad to be misleading. In particular, the station objected to the use of fake questions and splicing them with actual words spoken by Doyle in response to other questions.

The ad won't be running in Madison.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may be incorrect here. Belling - yes I know there is a need to look deeper - is claiming that CBS58 was only reviewing the ad before it was set to air later this weekend. The Doyle press release was supposedly wrong. They never pulled the ad...

July 07, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

Thanks for the update. I imagine we'll hear something more definitive soon.

July 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw the ad on CBS58 - looks like the Doyle team fumbled another PR move.

Then, the JS article today on Marotta-Boyce and the campaign cash. The Harley suit wan't mentioned in the article, but more infomation will come out in the next few days.

The media are nowehere near done taking a microscope to Doyle. Even if it is only in Milwaukee media, he has to win Milwuakee by a huge margin to offset the rest of the state. The bad headlines just keep coming...

July 08, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

That Marotta-Boyce article was a joke, just like the Prism story.

If this is all the JS microscope can come up with -- that a campaign donor met for 45 minutes with the DOA secretary (amid the other 100+ meetings Marotta had that month alone) but didn't receive any state contracts whatsoever -- then I don't think Doyle has much to worry about.

With the election 4 months away, the RPW is going to need a lot more to bolster their largely unknown candidate. According to the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute survey a couple weeks back, out of the 11% who learned of Mark Green since Sept. '05, 9% disapprove of him while only 2% went into approve category. Seems the more Green gets his name out there, the more people dislike him -- perhaps that's because he has nothing good to say about himself.

July 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah - but you are missing the bigger picture. Doyle is in a bunker mentality with the media. As soon as they treated him like a Republican, he got pissed and took his ball home and wouldn't play anymore.

This just means that the media will keep on digging, and writing stories and headlines. Perhaps this is your first time dealing with a media that doesn't slant things inyour favor. Sucks - doesn't it?

But the Boyce story has more to it. The purpose of the meetings - dealing with the Harley lawsuit - will grow legs. Biskupic is lurking. Not a good thing for an incumbent gov.

You can keep quoting polling numbers from now until November but the national boys are looking at an ethically challenged gov who has never polled more than 45% and they see weakness.

With most elections breaking for the challenger late and certainly many more negative headlines, if not indictments for Doyle, Green will close the gap.

How about the erroneous Doyle press release regarding the CBS 58 ad?

July 09, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

The “liberal media bias” line is tired and baseless – particularly in the Milwaukee area, which is home to the two biggest political media personalities in the state, Sykes and Belling (not exactly liberal types). If anything, the media is interested in sales – and charges of corruption (even trumped up ones) draw more of a crowd than policy pieces. That’s something I’ve learned quite well myself writing this blog.

I tried for months to engage conservatives on the current issues facing the state (health care, education, public finance, etc.) and while I had some luck occasionally, it was nothing near the number of comments I’ve received on my posts about the ethics charges leveled against Doyle.

And, in case you’re the same anonymous commenter as some of my other posts, you still haven’t said which questions Doyle is ducking the media on – I’m curious to know.

Regarding CBS 58, I still haven't seen a definitive statement from the station on the issue. Spivak and Bice also printed in their article today that the ad was pulled, which suggests they too heard from someone at the station that was the case (it's unlike them to print something based solely upon a campaign press release). In any event, I've put in an email to the station to try to figure out the real story -- I'll post something if I get a response.

In terms of the Boyce story having more to it, we can talk more about that if/when those other layers come to light. As for now, the story leads nowhere.

And the fact is right now every charge against Doyle leads nowhere. Those stories may be good for a headline to sell papers for the JS, but they don’t have the sticking power necessary to by themselves push Green past Doyle. Green will eventually need to come up with some strong ideas for the state – so far he’s fallen flat on his face on that task at every turn.

July 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I tried for months to engage conservatives on the current issues facing the state (health care, education, public finance, etc.) and while I had some luck occasionally, it was nothing near the number of comments I’ve received on my posts about the ethics charges leveled against Doyle."

Moving from health care onto education - Let me guess, you want to discuss different funding options for K12 that will take other parts of the state budget, or create a new funding source, that will increase spending on education. Will you also then have discussions about WEA Trust? Tenure? DPI's reporting methods? Keeping the best teachers in the system and letting the poor ones go? Results-oriented pay?

Public financing of elections? The majority of people in this state - even with ethics scandals all over the place - are not for using tax dollars to pay for elections. So while no politician likes to raise money, taxpayers dislike the idea of using their tax dollars for campaigns even less.

July 11, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

I'm happy to discuss all of those issues -- you should start a blog to help facilitate the discussion.

As for the issue of public finance, I imagine you're referring to the right-wing WPRI poll. As Common Cause and others pointed out, that poll was ridiculously skewed. Simply asking people if they want tax dollars to go toward elections isn't asking about public financing elections completely. That'd be like saying simply adding new oil to the old stuff in your car amounts to an oil change.

And, just curious, why don't you seem to be interested in discussing health care? Are you the same "anonymous" I've been discussing HSAs with on another one of my posts? Just curious -- it's difficult to keep the anons straight, for obvious reasons.

July 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean Doyle's health care - like this?

July 11, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

A skeptical op-ed from the Appleton Post-Crescent...quite a rebuke.

As I said in another comment, the council is just one facet of Doyle's plan. He's also proposing BadgerCare Plus as a way to expand coverage to uninsured families in the state and lower costs by consolidating administrative procedures (to the tune of $20 million per year).

The description for Doyle's BadgerCare Plus plan is here.

The plan works on a consolidated payer model, which has resulted in lower health care costs for other countries. And in case you're the type of conservative who doesn't like evidence from other countries, consolidation of health care payers has also saved the WI state health insurance plan a ton of money -- you can read more about that here.

July 11, 2006  

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