Friday, May 19, 2006

Scott Walker Still Running for Something

Over at the WisPolitics 2006 GOP Convention blog, there's a post up about hospitality suites scattered around the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton tonight.

These are parties that candidates throw to hand out freebies in the hopes of courting support through their generosity...or, I guess, hospitality.

The WisPolitics blog links to a flyer listing all of the hospitality suites at this year's convention. Here's the rundown of the hosts:

Mark Green - gubernatorial candidate
Paul Bucher - AG candidate
J.B. Van Hollen - AG candidate
Jean Hundertmark - Lt. Governor candidate
Paul Ryan - US congressional candidate
Mike Huebsch - State Assembly candidate
Dale Schultz - State Senate candidate
Scott Walker - Milwaukee County Executive

For those proficient in the "Which of these things doesn't belong?" game, it's noticeable that Walker is the only one in the group who isn't currently a candidate for office.

This begs the question: Where exactly is Walker running?

UPDATE: I should note that State Treasurer Jack Voight is also hosting a hospitality suite tonight, according to WisPolitics; he is up for re-election this fall.

That still leaves Walker as the only hospitality suite host without a campaign -- at least that we know about.


Blogger said...

I wouldn't be too concerned about this one. Keep in mind that Little Scooter thrives on attention.

He just wants to be around people who will give him a big hug. After getting pushed out of the race by Green, Walker just needs to know he's still loved by his right wing base.

May 19, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

You're probably right, Jim. I just found it interesting that he was the only non-candidate to be holding one of these hospitality parties.

May 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's quite possible that he booked it while still a candidate.

May 22, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

Possible. But the flyer promoting the suites doesn't say candidate -- it's clear he's hosting the suite as Milwaukee County Executive.

Plus, I can't believe it wouldn't be possible to cancel on two months notice. Walker has been out of the race since March.

May 22, 2006  

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