Monday, May 15, 2006

Gore in '08?

There's a lot of talk about it on Andrew Sullivan's blog the past couple days (here and here).

Sullivan writes: "Gore's credibility on the environment - a growing issue - his history of foreign policy hawkishness but opposition to the Iraq war, and his general association with what has become Clinton era nostalgia, do indeed make him an interesting possibility. Then there's just the karma. If we're looking to heal the wound of 2000, who better?"

Josh Marshall also picks up on the talk, suggesting that he views Gore as a stronger competitor right now than Clinton.

Of course, this is all too early to be anything more than speculation. But I must say, a Gore-Edwards or Gore-Feingold ticket looks pretty enticing.

UPDATE: Sullivan has another post up now comparing Gore in '08 to Nixon in '68 -- not ideologically, of course, but in terms of election strategy. Interesting connection, even if it's ultimately nothing more than anecdotal.


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