Thursday, November 29, 2007

Packers-Cowboys Prediction

I can understand why many of the folks in Burlington want the Packers to win and Tony Romo to have a good game, but the only hope the Packers have for victory tonight is to knock Romo off his game.

Coming off his roller-coaster year in 2006, the Burlington native has been remarkably consistent this year, which is something I've greatly appreciated having him on my fantasy team (I also had him last year, and I wasn't as appreciative).

The only game that Romo bombed this year was at Buffalo when he threw five picks and lost a fumble. The Cowboys managed to pull out a victory at the end, but the same wouldn't happen against the Packers, even playing in Dallas.

If they can stifle Romo, the Packers shouldn't have too much trouble handling the Dallas running game. While Marion Barber -- also on my fantasy team -- is one of my favorite backs to watch with his bruising running style, he's not exactly a game-changing back in the same way as Adrian Peterson or Brian Westbrook. As more of a pound-you-into-submission back, Barber's value really comes in the red zone and when the Cowboys have a lead heading into the 4th quarter; if the Packers can control Romo, they'll control both of those things.

All that said, my prediction is for a 34-24 Cowboy victory as long as Romo accounts for two or fewer more turnovers than Favre. If he has at least three more than Favre, I'll give the edge to the Packers, 31-27, but that margin would increase with the turnover margin over Favre.

Either way, it should be a good one. My condolences to those living outside of the Green Bay or Milwaukee area markets who don't have a dish on the side of their house. Time to find a friend who does or saddle up to the bar.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, I'm really excited about tonight's game. As a huge Packers fan I'm really hoping for some kind of miracle blowout. It sucks that we have to play in Dallas, its a difficult place to play at and I think Favre has never won in Dallas... has he? Today might be the day, its like watching the old packers team again and Favre is better than ever. I just took NFL odds on the Pack +7 points which I think is a sure winner. GO PACKERS!!!

November 29, 2007  
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