Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hoops Time

This morning is the first time I read the news since Sunday; yet, in all of the stories I gleaned, I still couldn't seem to find anything of political substance to write about.

The big news, of course, is the March Madness that kicks off today.

March Madness is always big this time of year, but it seems even bigger this year. From stories on employers letting employees off-the-hook for a bit of hoops time to reports that hoops time will cause Internet slowdowns to legislative proposals to legalize betting on hoops time.

I'm in one tourney pool with some friends from high school. I've got Florida, Pittsburgh, Georgetown, and Ohio State in the Final Four with Georgetown taking it over Florida in the final. I have Wisconsin bowing out in the Sweet Sixteen and Marquette losing today.

Don't ask me why I made those picks. I haven't watched or more than glanced at any reports on a college basketball game all season (I prefer football and Brewers baseball), so my friends should feel really bad if I'm able to actually beat them.

But that's what makes hoops time and the tourney so much fun -- anything can happen. That's, unfortunately, a risk that the college football power brokers have been unwilling to take.

Feel free to tell me why my picks are wrong in the comments.



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