Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sen. Lasee Wants Civility & Decorum to Continue in the Senate

Which Senate is he talking about?

This is utterly astounding coming from the former Senate President who last session sent an obviously unpopular bill of his to a variety of different committees in order to find one with a sympathetic chair who would pass it, in spite of the fact that the chosen committee had no legal oversight over the bill's area.

And when called on it, Lasee responded: "I didn't break any rules. It's my bill. I'm the president."

Yes, that's a direct quote.

And let's not forget the time Lasee strong-armed Republican legislators from the Assembly into passing the death penalty referendum -- a pet issue of Lasee's -- during a closed session.

According to Rep. Sheryl Albers (R-Reedsburg) -- who opposes the death penalty and planned to vote against the referendum -- Lasee's private talk with the GOP caucus "was so strong that I did have some fear that were I to vote against it, it could affect my next (legislative) session because of his connections, and I do intend to run again and pursue many other issues."

Albers opted to ditch out of the vote, along with Reps. Judy Krawczyk (R-Green Bay) and Jerry Petrowski (R-Marathon), rather than challenge Lasee on it. The referendum ended up passing the Assembly by two votes.

Yep, sounds like the state Senate was just brimming over the top with civility and decorum last session.


Anonymous badgervan said...

Amazing hypocrisy. On a par with JohnBoy Gard's claiming in his campaign spots that he got things accomplished by reaching across the aisle and working with the democrats. What a crock.

November 15, 2006  

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