Tuesday, August 22, 2006

White House Solution to "Stay the Course" Conundrum

Fire Rumsfeld.

Foreign policy journalist Laura Rozen says (via TPM Muckraker) that move might be in the works.

The White House -- and, subsequently, the GOP as a whole -- has been backed into a corner on Iraq policy lately. Rove & Co. thought the "stay the course" line would be seen by the public as a sign of Republican resolve, but it ended up being viewed largely as an indication that more of the same is in store as long as the GOP stays in charge.

Giving Rummy a pink slip could help the White House chip away at that perception -- and, if it goes down, it'll certainly happen before the midterm elections.

The only trouble, as Rozen points out, might be finding someone who's willing to take the job.


Blogger grumps said...

Ah, but those who seek conspiracy everywhere have that job filled. Joe "Satan" Lieberman gets elected as a Democrat, gets appointed to fill in for Rummy and the R Gov of CT appoints a non-ramblin' non-gamblin' R to the seat.

Ahh. Life is good.

August 22, 2006  
Blogger Seth Zlotocha said...

That would be quite a switch-a-roo. I can't imagine Liebermann would go for it after winning the election -- especially since there's only 2 more years left for the Bush Administration -- but I suppose anything is possible.

August 23, 2006  

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