Friday, June 23, 2006

Milwaukee Ramblings

While I'm highlighting new initiatives today, I thought I'd also point out a new blog by Kevin Ryan called Milwaukee Ramblings.

The name Kevin Ryan is actually a pseudonym. The person who writes the blog has firsthand experience with the Milwaukee County budget and prefers his opinions remain anonymous.

I should also note that the writing at Milwaukee Ramblings has a conservative slant to it, which is different -- of course -- than this blog. I've had numerous discussions with Kevin about the Milwaukee County budget situation in the comments section on this blog (see here and here for two examples) and over email. I also posted an op-ed he wrote on the topic last month (see here).

In spite of our ideological differences, we've been able to find common ground on some issues facing the budget. My hope by directing readers to his blog is that others will similarly be able to see that common ground does exist on the Milwaukee County budget situation. While there are certainly partisan concerns imbedded in the debate, a solution is in the best interest of both sides of the ideological aisle.

Kevin only has a couple of posts up at this point due to a busy schedule. But I anticipate he'll have commentary out whenever something significant happens in the Milwaukee County budget debate, so be sure to check out Milwaukee Ramblings on occasion to see what he has to say about it.


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