Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More on Tire Slashing Sentencing

WisPolitics just expanded its article on the tire slashing case sentencing to explain a little more behind the story. It seems Judge Brennan wanted to set an example with the case, which is why he opted for jail rather than the plea agreement.

Here is what Brennan told the defendants at the sentencing: “Voter suppression just has no place in our country."

He's right. But unfortunately for Brennan's justification, the young men weren't on trial for voter suppression. It was misdemeanor property damage.

If Brennan wanted them tried for voter suppression or civil rights violations, which he said they also committed, perhaps he should take that up with the DA's office -- not the defendants at sentencing.

And in an interesting twist of irony, it was Brennan who lambasted the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel op-ed last fall for taking a "worrisome turn" toward judicial activism.

Someone better grab a mirror for Judge Brennan.


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