Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Vrakas Becomes Second Local Official to Join Pro-Amendment Gang

Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas publicly pledged his support today for the revenue restrictions amendment. He joins Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker as the only local government officials to formally endorse the amendment.

Other local government associations and officials--including the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Alliance of Cities, the Kenosha County Executive's Office, the Lodi Mayor's Office, and Milwaukee Alderman Michael D'Amato--have all made formal statements opposing the amendment because of its harmful impact on local control.

Vrakas plans to testify in favor of the amendment at tomorrow's invitation-only legislative session. I wonder which other local figures were invited?

The legislative session certainly wouldn't be at a loss for opponents if it wanted that perspective tomorrow. In addition to the ample opposition by local governments, the evidence against this amendment is mounting quickly from the public policy community.

Prominent UW-Madison economist and professor of public affairs, Andrew Reschovsky, has released an analysis that describes the negative impact of the revenue restrictions amendment on public services, economic growth, and local control. Now that doesn't sound so bad, does it? The analysis is well worth a reading.

Vrakas probably figured he'd stand up for this amendment publicly to pacify his CRG-base, but I can't imagine he'll be upset as a local official when it's shot down by others. As for Walker, I can only imagine Milwaukee County is already a distant memory in his mind...if it ever was even in the forefront.


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