Thursday, February 23, 2006

GOP Fearing the Wrath of Its Base?

I'm just spit-ballin' here, but the inclusion of restrictive measures on recall elections tucked into the election reform package currently being pushed through the Wisconsin state legislature may be borne, at least in part, out of fear.

I don't want to read too much into it because, as the Journal-Sentinel points out, the reform package has broad legislative support and Doyle is expected to sign it, but it would be interesting to see who added the restrictions on recall measures to the package. (Note: I'll look into the issue later, but if anyone knows, feel free to share.)

Granted, Democrats are prone to recall elections, too, but the volatile nature of conservative base these days--particularly over the revenue restrictions amendment, which isn't exactly raking in the positive press--may have struck some fear into the hearts of GOP state legislators.

The other day, I highlighted a post from Boots and Sabers, in which Owen makes very clear the only acceptable result for the amendment is passage--and not just that, but intact passage.

Owen concludes:

"The best thing for the GOP leadership to do is put a strong version of the TPA up for a vote. If it fails, then so be it. We, the base, can focus our anger on those Republicans who voted against it. If the leadership tries to play us for a bunch of morons by passing a watered down TPA that isn’t worth a politician’s promise, then there will be hell to pay."

And in the comments section, Owen gets a resounding "Hell, yeah!" from his conservative readers.

Seems some in the GOP may have heard them, loud and clear.

UPDATE: I found a legislative bill from last year that, I believe, is the basis for the recall part of the election reform bill that's making its way through the state legislature. It has 19 assembly sponsors, 17 of whom are Republicans, and 4 senate sponsors, 3 of whom are Republicans.


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